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Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies run the possibility of being serious, and should be dealt with immediately. Permanent damage can result from ignoring a serious dental issue, and could prove to be costly to the individual’s health and financial well-being. Below is an outline of how to deal with various dental emergencies:

• Chipped teeth – If broken pieces are accessible, they must be saved. Rinse the mouth in warm water, as well as any broken pieces. If bleeding is present, place a piece of gauze on the affected area for 10 minutes, or until the bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress to the facial area where the injury occurred, and see a dentist as soon as possible.

• Partially dislodged tooth – Visit a dentist or doctor as soon as possible. Place a cold compress over the affected area to alleviate pain, and take a pain reliever, prior to the dental visit.

• Soft-tissue injuries – Injuries to the gums, tongue and cheeks are considered soft-tissue injuries, and can cause significant bleeding. The following measures can be taken to handle the bleeding:
o Use a salt-water solution to rinse the mouth
o Moisten a piece of gauze and use it to apply pressure to the affected area for approximately 20 minutes
o Use a cold compress and apply pressure to the facial area where the injury occurred for approximately 10 minutes
o Consult a dentist immediately if the bleeding does not cease, or visit an emergency room. Continue to apply pressure to the affected area until the start of treatment.

• Objects between teeth – Use dental floss as a first option to remove the object. If this is unsuccessful, make an appointment for a dental visit. Do not use sharp objects to dislodge the object, as they can cause further and possibly more serious damage.

• Lost filling – Make a dental appointment as soon as possible. In the interim, use a piece of sugarless gum to cover the cavity.

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Dr. Hussain is one of the best dentists I've ever had. She's extremely positive and friendly, and explains any issues and causes before and after a service. It's easy asking her questions and voicing concerns. She has a wonderful staff and admin is very good about appointment reminders and confirmations. It's actually quite a pleasant experience visiting Smiles at Telfair—they beat all the dentist office scares and stereotypes :)

Dr. Hussain and her team at Smile at Telfair were awesome. Went in with some tooth pain and walked out feeling good. Definitely will be returning to finish the remainder of my dental work. Thank you Smiles at Telfair.

Right from the beginning when I walked through the door, every fear that I ever thought I would have coming back to the dentist was dissipated by Dr. Insiya and her staff. They took wonderful care of all my fears. They explained every little thing that I would be going through. Clean office and great staff!

This team is a good group of people/ professionals. The staff is always very informative and we always end up having a good laugh. This is the type of relationship I expect from a neighborhood Dentist. I had brought my Mother who doesn't speak English. The Doctor was fluent in my Mother's language and it brought such comfort to her. And it was very comforting to me as well. Thank You Smiles at Telfair.

I had a very pleasing experience at this Dental office. Staff and Doctor are very friendly and really take the time explain things. The overall care was comprehensive and through. I am definitely coming back.

Dr. Hussain and staff provide a five star dental experience. From the moment you walk in the door, to follow up after care- Smiles at Telfair makes going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. I found Dr. Hussain and staff to be professional and courteous. I highly recommend Smiles at Telfair.