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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

Overview: Similar to bruxism, the exact cause of TMD is currently unknown. The symptoms of this disorder are believed to result from muscle problems associated with the jaw or joint problems. Bruxism, teeth clenching, and arthritic conditions are among the main contributors for this disorder.

TMD can cause headaches and pain in the jaw. The disorder causes problems with the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) of the jaw, and affects facial muscles. The symptoms of this condition are numerous, ranging from problems opening and closing of the mouth, noises when opening the jaw, pain with normal functions such as eating, toothaches, swollen facial appearance, ear ringing, dizziness, etc.

There are many treatment options that can alleviate the symptoms. A primary and successful treatment is the resting of the jaw. Other popular treatments involve soft-food diets, to provide the jaw ease when the patient is eating, warm compresses, and anti-inflammatory medications might be prescribed to reduce pain and swelling.

Patient Info: The team at Smile at Telfair will effectively explain the treatment for TMD. We encourage all questions. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Hussain. Rest assured, your concerns will be immediately addressed.

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Dr. Hussain is one of the best dentists I've ever had. She's extremely positive and friendly, and explains any issues and causes before and after a service. It's easy asking her questions and voicing concerns. She has a wonderful staff and admin is very good about appointment reminders and confirmations. It's actually quite a pleasant experience visiting Smiles at Telfair—they beat all the dentist office scares and stereotypes :)

Dr. Hussain and her team at Smile at Telfair were awesome. Went in with some tooth pain and walked out feeling good. Definitely will be returning to finish the remainder of my dental work. Thank you Smiles at Telfair.

Right from the beginning when I walked through the door, every fear that I ever thought I would have coming back to the dentist was dissipated by Dr. Insiya and her staff. They took wonderful care of all my fears. They explained every little thing that I would be going through. Clean office and great staff!

This team is a good group of people/ professionals. The staff is always very informative and we always end up having a good laugh. This is the type of relationship I expect from a neighborhood Dentist. I had brought my Mother who doesn't speak English. The Doctor was fluent in my Mother's language and it brought such comfort to her. And it was very comforting to me as well. Thank You Smiles at Telfair.

I had a very pleasing experience at this Dental office. Staff and Doctor are very friendly and really take the time explain things. The overall care was comprehensive and through. I am definitely coming back.

Dr. Hussain and staff provide a five star dental experience. From the moment you walk in the door, to follow up after care- Smiles at Telfair makes going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. I found Dr. Hussain and staff to be professional and courteous. I highly recommend Smiles at Telfair.